• Harmony 1000 Pocket Sprung

    Our Harmony 1000 mattress is a state of the art encapsulated mattress, with 1000 individual pocket springs for your comfort. This hand tufted mattress offers multiple amazing features like it's luxury stretch fabric and taped boarder, this mattress truly looks as good as it feels. You'll wonder how you ever managed too sleep without it. We always keep our Harmony 1000 in stock at all times so the question is why wouldn't you want one?
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    Ultimate Amira Memory

    The Ultimate Amira comes with a luxury, supporting layer of memory foam that moulds to the shape of your body using the body heat you emit during the night. This ensures an amazing night's sleep and will have you rushing back to bed every night! This also reduces strain on pressure points, leaving you at ease. With amazing craftsmanship used throughout this mattress you know you're getting value for your money.
  • Regal Un-dentable mattress

    The Regal mattress is our firmest mattress to date. This mattress is practically Un-dentable, perfect for bad backs and slouching posture. We've never had a mattress this firm and we fully recommend this to anyone who's back is giving them a hard time sleeping. With a stylish black border and amazing structure this is a truly stunning mattress.