12mm Click Laminate ac5

12mm Click Laminate ac5

€13.99 sq yrd

22.24 per box

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Kronoswiss range

All ac5- Box size 1.59 sq yrd

Shop price €14.99 sq yrd

Online price €13.99 sq yrd / €22.24 per box

Dublin Oak
New York Oak
Rubio Walnut
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Do you require Laminate Skirting Board?

Dimensions 8 ft length x 5″ high

Do you require Laminate Scotia / Beading?

Dimensions 8 ft length

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Dublin Oak, Helsinki, New York Oak, Rubio Walnut

Product is avaialble in below zipcode areas.
P51* P12* P14* P17* P24* P25* P31* P32* P36* P43* P47* P56* P61* P67* P72* P75* P81* P85* T12* T23* T34* T45* T56*